WAYWARD PRODUCTIONS© - "Espec'ly Unique" Handmade Pottery and Multi-Ethnic Dolls!
- Expect Something Uniquely Different!
You will not be dissapointed!
The Wayward Potter©:
My name is Randy S. Adams. I’m known in Folk Art and various Southern Arts/Crafts Festivals as The Wayward Potter. I am a former displaying artist and Board Member of the Joseph House Gallery Cooperative, Columbus, Georgia.
I am blessed by Father God in Christ to be graced with His Love and His visions which compel me to bring into being, the pottery art I am also blessed to display at many venues. 
I praise and thank Him for this and all things! I also thank you for having the interest and taking the time to visit and check out my Wayward path to Minister His desire for us to be as clay in His hands and express myself through my preferred medium; clay.
Tea's Chirren©:
My name is Theresa. I go by just "Tea".
I have been ‘round a little bit and I have been enjoying creating cool things when sewing since I was knee high to a stalk of corn!
I love to sew! It relaxes me and when creating my Chirren©", I feel as though I am birthing a new personality. - Each doll has its specific challenges and I create each outfit for them individually to coincide with each personality I "feel" inside of each doll.
I grew up mostly as an "Army Brat" until my father retired and we settled in Cocoa, Florida. There, I finished high school and also where I met my husband, Randy; The Wayward Potter. We met when I was fifteen and he was sixteen and as we said back in the late sixties and early seventies, "Solid, man"!
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