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There is Always a Beginning. 
Mine was seemingly by accident but as a mature vessel centered on His potter's wheel, I looked back and I look forward and surely I know that He formed me for this purpose; - this Wayward Pottery Thang while I was yet in my mother's womb!
I first "experienced clay" when I was 9 years old in an elementary school classroom in Rockledge, FL in 1965.  That was the first year the powers that be integrated the schools in Brevard county.  I was one of about 50 or so Black children bused to the school for attendance.  Before then, we basically lived a segregate life and I was not used to being around other races.  I lived in Cocoa, FL.
We weren't poor but kinda very near that and my mom and dad did the best they could; dad working two jobs and mom catching rides to go to work in Cocoa Beach, FL cleaning homes about 7 miles from our home and she'd also pick up local sewing jobs for women in the local community.  My dad was also good at fixing stuff and mom was good with her hands as well.
It was the Christmas season that year in 1965 and I felt hurt and dejected because although I made a lot of great friends with the other kids, my parents did not have the extra money (with five children) to give me the required $3.00 fee to pay for the opportunity to participate in the class Christmas project; pouring clay slip into molds to create clay Christmas trees and Christmas ornaments for our parents.  I sat there about three feet from the ceramics area in the class and many times I almost cried.  I almost cried because even then I saw something in the clay, who seeming something came of nothing and it served a purpose and everyone liked the outcome.  I saw the clay as me, the way I wanted to feel.  I was awkward, laughed at and picked on because I was black, tall, lanky and presumed to be stupid because I grew fast and was 5 foot eleven in the fifth grade.  In the clay, I saw that like clay, I could be anything for a specific purpose.
I had to touch the clay, so I started gathering up the clay on the floor and desks that was discarded after the pieces were pulled from the ceramic molds and the other kids prepared them for the final products.  I would wrap the discarded clay in plastic bags and take the clay home.  I felt a strange kinship with the clay in my hands and without any training, mentoring, instruction or coaching, I started creating things that intrigued the teacher so much that she allowed me to participate in the class project with the pieces I created for free!  I belonged somewhere and with a purpose; - Finally!
Her name was Ms. Nielsen.  I will never forget her!
My name is Randy S. Adams.  I’m known in some pottery and Folk Art circles as The Wayward Potter.   I am a former displaying artist and Board Member of the Joseph House Gallery Cooperative, Columbus, Georgia.  I am blessed by Father-God-in-Christ to be graced with His Love and His visions which compel me to bring into being, the pottery art I am also blessed to display at many venues. - I praise and thank Him for this and all things.  I also thank you for having the interest and taking the time to visit and check out this website of my Wayward path to express myself through my preferred medium; - clay.
I was born in Shellman, Georgia in 1955 and grew up in Cocoa, Florida where I attended grade school and high school.   I am a graduate of the University of Florida, Gainesville and possess a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education.  While in grade school, high school, and college I expressed myself artistically through various media including poetry but I was hopelessly seduced by and covered in clay!   I have been also blessed to have benefited artistically under the tutelage of some of the best art instructors and potters in Central Florida during those formative years.   
Most of my life, I have been characterized as Wayward, "special", different, nuts, or strange by folks who couldn’t or wouldn’t see what I saw in words or in my artwork.   It used to depress me to the point of seclusion and withdrawal.   But in that isolation, in that heart break, I found freedom and my eyes were opened.  It took nearly over forty-something years of my life to get here but now; I am The Wayward! - I will never close my eyes again.   
In my expression as an Artist, I am especially Wayward when it comes to pottery!   My path is to create fusion pottery art to transcend typically available expected pottery.   In this Wayward path, I am free to merge various cultural and religious themes (past and present), traditional art forms and shapes, and deviations of the absurdity of reality to create unique, one-of-a-kind pottery art!    
The various styles/cultural themes include Southwest, Native American, Kokopelli, Japanese, Egyptian, African American, American Folk, Sixties Pop Culture, and contemporary (to name a few).   I strive to create high quality hand made work; usually a combination of wheel thrown and hand-built brain-trips.   In addition to Wayward pottery art, I create bowls, pitchers, coffee/tea pots, coffee urns, bean pots, soup tureens, candle stick holders, crocks, butter churns, oil lamps, miniature and full size whiskey jugs, planters, casseroles, and other utilitarian wares reminiscent of simpler times, but er-r-r, ah-h-h, uh, always with something always different than the status-quo.
am committed to create high quality unique, one-of-a-kind pottery art and to go down whatever path and follow whatever visions my Father-God leads these Wayward Hands!
There is no other way for me..  I am His clay.
- May this be Love.
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